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Winter Hazards for Hunting Dogs

Cold Weather Hazards & Care for Hunting Dogs 


Cold Weather Hazards to Gundogs

  • Age of Your Dogs – 
  • Physical Conditioning – 
  • Nutrition in Cold Weather – 
  • Cold Weather Acclimation & Hypothermia – 
  • Falling Through Ice – 

Signs of a Cold Dog

  • Shivering – 
  • Refusing Commands – 
  • Ineffective at Tasks – 
  • Refusing to Carry On – Sitting, picking up or carrying a limb
  • Reduced Olfactory – 

Physical Health Care During Winter

  • Wear Vests – 
  • Check Footpads – Booties and Paw Care Products 
  • Watch for Injuries –  
  • Watch out for Antifreeze – 
  • Up to Date Vaccinations – 

Kennel Care During Winter

  • Clean & Dry Bedding 
  • Protected from Wind & Drafts 
  • Maintain Temperature 
  • Kennel Runs 
  • Stocked with Food 

How Cold is Too Cold?

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